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Nowadays, the feeling of gratitude is underestimated. Gratitude connects people with the world, makes them feel part of the world. If one guides the child in such a way that it can develop gratitude for even the most unimportant or trivial things it meets in life, then that child does not close itself off from the world in egotism, then it becomes altruistic, it feels itself to be a part of the environment.        
Rudolf Steiner

Why help is needed

Children from all socio-economic and cultural backgrounds are welcome at the Waldorf School Windhoek. That means that more than 60% of children cannot afford the full cost of school and hostel. Having children from various backgrounds in our school is important for both the children and us. This is not an easy task because we require funds to be able to provide these bursaries. Given that governmental subsidies have been completely eliminated, and the Namibian economy has caused financial difficulties for many of our families, we would like to prevent them from having to cancel their school place. As a result, we are looking for sponsors for these families in order to continue building an integrated multicultural and socially diverse community at our school. If we are unable to support those children in need and are forced by financial constraints to accept only children who can pay the full school fees, the entire school will change, and we do not want that. As an educational institution in a country like Namibia, we must accept responsibility by providing a solid, holistic education to all. Which we can only do with partners on our side.

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