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Why Waldorf

Receive the children in reverence, educate them in love, send them forth in freedom. 
Rudolf Steiner

Waldorf Education

The essence of Waldorf Education lies in developing the young child into a confident, responsible, balanced individual who understands the responsibility that comes with freedom.

Through the methods of Waldorf education the child grows into his true being while understanding the importance of her/ his relationship to the larger community.

This correlates with the African concept of UBUNTU: I am because you are.

The Vision of the
Waldorf School Windhoek

  • To offer shelter

  • To stimulate individualism and empathy

  • To harmonize diversity

  • To provide a source for development of the human being


All these are illuminated by Waldorf pedagogy

through awareness and respect.



Who to contact

Mrs. C. Hildebrand

General Manager

Mrs. Christiane Reé-Ahlenstorf

Pedagogical Head

Mrs. M. Lützow


Mrs. S. Schippers


Mrs. T. Magnun

Hostel Manager

Mrs. M. Sefatsa

Primary School Coordinator

Mr. Lukas Ruppert

Afternoon Care

Mrs. B. Stauffer Meier

MiddleSchool Coordinator

Mrs. Ch. Reé-Ahlenstorf

High School Coordinator

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