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Primary School

Joyful Learning

The Primary School

The home of learning (environment)

Our Primary School offers a protective environment which nurtures the child emotionally, spiritually and intellectually through the integrative Waldorf curriculum applied to our unique, Namibian, social and geographic environment. Our children unanimously express their enthusiasm to be at school, their joy radiates visibly across the playground. The school’s position on the edge of the riverbed allows for free exploration into the natural world and regular excursions take place by all classes.


The how, what and why of teaching

In every grade, each child is taught all subjects and participates in all artistic, musical and physical activities, irrespective of individual abilities. Every subject and activity is used as a means to create the wonder for learning. Throughout the course of the year seasonal festivals and celebrations bring together the learners in different classes, building a strong, social community in the school.

This bonding is further enhanced by the long-term relationship of the class-teacher with the class. It is a notable feature of Waldorf education that the class teacher teaches most subjects and stays with the class optimally until the end of grade 7 or 8. This encourages a flexible, yet encompassing overview of each child’s development over a longer period of time and creates a stable environment for such individual development. The parental involvement is of pivotal importance in the development of the child and parents are at all times encouraged to participate in the school community at large.

The main subjects (called Main Lesson) in all grades are taught in three- to four-week blocks, integrating artistic, musical and physical exercises into the daily exploration of the subject. This allows for intensive understanding through an immersive experience by each child, encouraging lasting impressions that support learning for life.

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