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Hostel & Guest Learners

A home away from home

When children from different cultural background come together in the hostel to learn how to sing and play together, then an understanding can develop and they perceive one another with their differences. At the same time the children, with the help of the Waldorf Pedagogy, can experience living in a community, one that conquers the conflicts of the past and enables new ways of living with one another. 


The hostel is to bridge the temporary separation from family to the best of its ability.

Based on previous experiences from the daily life at the Waldorf School Windhoek, we summon up trust that the school with the inclusion of our hostel substantially contribute to the understanding, integrative and peaceful interaction between the different cultures.

Therefore we welcome guest learners at school and hostel. To be able to experience Namibia and our learners we recomend that a guest learner stays for a minimum of one trimester. The learner should be 16 or older and will be placed at school according to his/her age. Most guestlearners come for grade 10 and 11. They will be living amoungst other hostel children and take part in the day to day business of the hostel.

To be able to visit Namibia as a guest learner once need to apply for a study permit therefore the guest learner application should be submitted at least six month in advance. 


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