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High School

Education for freedom
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From 2021 the curriculum of the Waldorf High School will combine both, the holistic educational approach of the Waldorf curriculum, as well as the exam of the NSSCO (Namibian Senior Secondary Certificate Ordinary) in grade 12 and AS-Level (Advanced Subsidiary Level) in grade 13.


Grade 11
By the eleventh grade, learners are fully developed thinkers. These young adults are quick to analyse and synthesize information, and to utilise their power to reason. Eleventh graders want to know and understand the way things are. They need to know the intentions that lie behind the world in order to define themselves, their opinions, and ideals. They are ready to think about what is invisible to the eye and transparent to their thinking. They also begin to take responsibility for themselves, to discover and explore their identities as individuals. Highlights in grade 11  is the social practical of three weeks and the Parzival mail lesson.

Grade 12
Grade 12 students acquire perception in their thinking. From their new-found sense of individuality, they are capable of finding their place within the community. Their consciousness of self expands into a world consciousness. They are able to use their potent reasoning skills to see the world from many vantage points and, at the same time, to recognise their own. As they begin to perceive the complexity of the world, they seek to understand the individuals who are responsible for working with society’s issues. In this way, the learners will clarify their own points of view, make judgments, and establish their ideals.
The culmination of the Waldorf Curriculum is the Grade 12 play, and the Grade 12 Project. At the end of the year the NSSCO (Namibian Senior Secondary Certificate Ordinary) Exam can be written (Optional). It is the last year they are taught according to the Waldorf curriculum.

Grade 13

The last year is only for learners who want to write the AS- level exam. For the AS-Level, the learners are able to choose a maximum quota of 6 subjects or a minimum of 3 subjects. We offer As training in the following subjects:

- English

- Math

- Physics

- Chemistry

- Biology

A team of qualified, dedicated and As trained teachers will help you to obtain your As goals. The Waldorf School Windhoek is equipped with two laboratories, a library and fully furnished classrooms. The environment is designed to allow students to learn, study and adequately prepare for their final and crucial high school examination.

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