280 students, 42 staff, 6 ducks, 10 chicken, 1 cat and the occasional uninvited baboons. Situated just off the road to the Hosea Kutako airport on the eastern edge of Windhoek, our school is surrounded by typical savannah landscape.

Since its inception 16 years ago the school has striven to introduce Waldorf pegagogy teaching and learning principles, which view all children holistically and provides them with an integrated education, resulting in young adults, fully prepared for all aspects of life. The performing arts play an integral role in Waldorf education, not only in the delivery of skills and knowledge, but also as a vehicle for self-development and reflection.

Thus, walking around the school, one finds oneself amongst of sounds, emanating from: the array of different languages being spoken; the African drumming; the dramatic chants of children preparing for their class play; squeals of laughter from children playing imaginatively and freely, safe in the knowledge that they can be who they are: children.

The Waldorf School Windhoek is also unique in Namibia in that it places the provision of vocational education as a priority in the preparation of students for life. The development of competence required for competing in the Namibian job market begins in grade one and continues throughout the primary school, as children develop technical, artistic, and personal skills, whilst engaging in challenging projects. At secondary school, certified vocational training programs are offered alongside the academic program that leads to the NSSC.

Feeling safe, whilst engaging in meaningful learning situations, allows the children and young adults to commit themselves fully to the school ethos of “work is love made visible”. On any day, one can find a sense of purpose and passion permeating throughout the school, reflecting the unique supportive relationships that exist between parents, teachers and students.