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Concert tour: Hit the Beat Choir and friends 11-16 September 2016

* Read in german language below * We are very happy to announce: 24 amazing Waldorf School Windhoek (WSW) learners of grade 11 and 12 teacher plus Sarah Situde, teacher and former learner,…


Watch Making of Film Hit the Beat 2016

> Video on YouTube // Film editing: Felix Spitta & Waldorf School Windhoek learners Time frame: May 2016


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Be up to date and download our latest newsletter, with: Hit the Beat 2016: On stage at Warehouse Theatre 3 + 4 June Hit the Beat Germany Tour Development Studies – A new NSSC subject…


Save the Date: Hit the Beat 2016 3+4 June at Warehouse Theatre

HIT THE BEAT – In Rhythm we meet. Unity through Rhythmic and Cultural Diversity. Performing Arts Project // Warehouse Theatre on 3+4 June 2016, 19h00 More than ever globalisation is an issue worldwide…


Kalenderbestellung 2017: Namibia Into Infinity [german]

Liebe Freunde der Waldorf School Windhoek, Es ist wieder so weit! Ab sofort können Sie bis spätestens 31. Mai 2016 den Namibia „Into Infinity“ Kalender mit seinen atemberaubenden schönen Bildern von den beeindruckenden…

2016-02 Zauberflöte

Welcome to “Die Zauberflöte” on 16+17 March 2016

Wednesday 16 March 2016, 19h00 Stephanus Kirche, Klein Windhoek · Thursday 17 March 2016, 19h00 at Waldorf School Windhoek: We are looking forward to welcome you to “Die Zauberflöte”, written by the famous…

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Newspaper Club Cooperation with Local Press – New Edition

The newspaper club has a total of fifteen learners representing every grade of the high school, and is fully student run. We have three student editors, Nisha Paulse, Ruth Kahuure, and Franzelle Rittmann,…


New Friends: Connect trough music – Popakademie in Germany

We are very happy to give a small report about our visit at Popakademie in Mannheim (Germany). Markus Sprengler introduced us to Prof. Udo Dahmen, manager of the Popakademie in Mannheim. Markus Sprengler was…

WSW 10_2014 Cultural Festival Herero_Dresses

2nd Cultural Festival 17 October 2015

Welcome to our 2nd Cultural Festival at Waldorf School Windhoek, 17th October 2015. Be our guest and enjoy our lifely school community. We are looking forward to see you and your family. PROGRAMME…


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