Watch Waldorf 100 – The Film! Learn to change the world

In September 2019 – the Waldorf education movement worldwide is celebrating 100 years! The global spread of Steiner/Waldorf education, even into the furthest corners of the earth, has continued until today. Interest in Waldorf teaching approaches is evident in about half of all the world’s nations (about 100 countries), independent of language, religious affiliation, or political situation. There are Waldorf kindergartens and schools, and teacher training facilities, on all continents. Parents across the globe are making an extraordinary commitment to support growth and strive towards a future in which humanity is attainable and healthy development and social participation is truly possible. The Waldorf education movement, with about 1,100 schools and over 2,000 kindergartens around the globe, has become the largest free school movement in the world. > read more: