Hit the Beat

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3+4 June 2016 at Warehouse Theatre, Windhoek
Hit the Beat 2016– In Rhythm we meet
Unity through Rhythmic and Cultural Diversity.
Performing Arts Project

Music challenges children and has a positive effect on their development. Recent studies have shown that results improve when music is integrated into the learning process. Whether this takes the form of listening to Bach fugues while working on mathematical problems, or instead of five maths lessons back-to-back, having three music lessons and two maths lessons, the intake of knowledge will clearly be seen to have increased.

The “Hit the Beat” project began 18 years ago – inspired by an idea from a student. At the time, Simone de Picciotto was working at a Waldorf School for disadvantaged children in Baden-Wurttemberg. One of her pupils, Korbianian Stahl, chose to do “Drumming” for his Class 12 Project. In the course of working on this project, Simone began to attend drumming workshops herself. Soon the first drums had been bought and the first drumming group founded. Since then Simone has been regularly drumming and singing with children in schools. More drums have also been bought and donated from Ghana and other countries.

Seven years later Simone started teaching at the Waldorf School in Windhoek, Namibia – and brought the project along with her. Here she worked in the high school for a further seven years, teaching music and other subjects. She returned to Germany in summer 2012 and has continued with “Hit the Beat” in the form of workshops at different schools there.

Since 2013 Simone de Picciotto has returned to Windhoek at least once a year to work for a couple of weeks with all WSW high school students. The highlight at the end of the project is the show at the Warehouse Theatre in Windhoek.