Hit the Beat Show “Honour the Earth” 16/17 August 2018

Hit the Beat – In Rhythm we meet
 “Honour the Earth” Performing Arts Project
Choir, Drumming, Percussion, Poetry, Dance and Visual Art
with Waldorf School Windhoek learners and friends
Directed by Simone de Picciotto

Thu. 16 AugustFri. 17 August 2018, 19h00 at Warehouse Theatre, 48 Tal Street, Windhoek City
Tickets: Advance tickets N$ 60 available at the school office at Waldorf School Windhoek, 081 122 80 71, at the door N$ 80

“Hit the Beat – In Rhythm we meet“ is an extraordinary performing arts project, presented by 80 learners at the Waldorf School Windhoek with musicians, artists and teachers from Germany and Namibia. Hit the Beat incorporates dance, drums, choir, solo singing, poetry, garbage music, film making and visual arts. The preparation for the performance includes three incredible weeks of choir rehearsals for high school learners from grades 10 to 12. In addition there is an additional choice of one of three workshops for each learner on dance, drumming, solo singing, film making, visual arts or improvisational theatre. The highlights of the project are two performances at the Warehouse Theatre.

How can we counter the exploitation of the earth?

Whether it is climate change, the privatization of water, droughts, genetically modified seeds, or environmental pollution, the way we deal with our planet affects everyone on this world. Of course Namibia also addresses these topics. How can we change the way we deal with nature, our environment and the cultivation of food? Is it not all based on a much-needed awareness of our environment? How can we educate and practise mindfulness and attention?

During our Project Hit the Beat 2018, we tried to approach this subject from an artistic perspective on many different levels. The topic of mindfulness in itself can be practised here in many ways. We use the arts: music, dance, percussion, improvisation, visual art and poetry.

“Hit the Beat – In Rhythm we meet – Unity through cultural diversity!” is a powerful presentation. Music connects. Non-verbal communication can bring people closer together. When working with music, everyone is equal; there are no divisive or discriminatory factors. The students strengthen their body awareness through daily dance and movement training. Special exercises not only increase their stability, flexibility and coordination, but also help them to develop stage presence.

The Team

The team behind the students includes Simone de Picciotto (project leader, choir director, drum workshop and garbage/improvisation music workshop), Carmen Scarano (dance and choreography), Blessing Mbonambi (theatre, poetry and improvisation), Tapuwanashe Munya (drums), Felix Spitta (hip-hop and filming), Ian Jaleel Brendell (singer and vocal coaching), Luigi Scarano (vocals), Faizel Browny (dance), Caroline Krebietke (visual arts) as well as Claude Schmidt, Adam Brandon-Kirby and Conrad Hegarty (band).

Hit the Beat

The project Hit the Beat originated in 1998 – inspired by a student’s idea. Simone de Picciotto was then working at a Waldorf school for disadvantaged adolescents in Germany. One of her students chose “drums” as his project topic for the 12th grade. While working on this project with her student, Simone began attending drum workshops. Soon the first drums were bought and the first drumming group founded. Since then Simone has been regularly drumming and singing with learners at schools and various projects.

Seven years later Simone started teaching at the Waldorf School Windhoek, Namibia, and introduced the project. She worked in the high school for a further eight years, teaching music and other subjects. In summer 2012, she returned to Germany and has continued with Hit the Beat workshops at a number of schools, academies and free projects, working with adolescents of all backgrounds. One of the main aims of Hit the Beat is to unite young people worldwide.

In November 2018, a group from the Hit the Beat project Namibia will travel to Germany with Simone de Picciotto and perform together with German learners in different cities.

PR contact: Simone de Picciotto, Tel. +264 81 548 77 29, info@hit-the-beat.org

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