Hit the Beat 2017

Once again Hit the Beat is working at WSW – however we are taking a bit of a different direction this year. The project will be split in two phases: 10 days which are taking place just now in July and another week in September where we will then perform at the cultural festival on the 8th of September and possibly also have a gala dinner on the 7th of September at WSW.

After many years of having this project at the school there is one noticeable difference this year: the learners are really starting to use their own creativity: writing their own songs, choreographing their own dances as well as developing a huge improvisation with various instruments (which also includes garbage music). It seems as if having been in this process for so many years it has become part of the learners system from which they now emerge as independent musicians, dancers, singers and drummers.

Once again it has been amazing to work with them for the past 10 days – all the motivation, enthusiasm, creativity we could experience made these days a very special experience. We really look forward to picking up in September. The workshop leaders are: Simone de Picciotto (drumming, improvisation and choir), Sarah Situde (choir) Faizel Browny (dancing), Tapuwanasche Munyayi (drumming), Markus Sprengler (Vocal Coaching). The entire ‘Hit the Beat’-project is directed by Simone de Picciotto in collaboration with Sarah Situde.

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