Grade 8 students shine in their class play

As it is usual at our school, the grade 8 students perform a play during the year and this year we performed Malaika – an African fairy tale. It was at times a big challenge for all and the most important lesson that everybody learnt was that teamwork is essential in such a venture and that a vital tool is tolerance and patience. The learners all came to the party on the nights of the performances and without fail each and every one gave their absolute best. This was evident in the smooth and joyful performance as well as the enthusiasm, full attention and encouraging revues received from the audience.

The students were allowed to choose between acting and working backstage, with the result that we had fabulous sets and props and the scene changes were smooth and without any glitches. This added much to the overall performance and made the acting for the players all the more enjoyable. Each student experienced for themselves how every person’s task in a production is vital for the success of the whole.
It was a successful production thanks to the immense assistance from Erich Kunderer and Clemens Voigts who both gave many hours of their private time in coaching the students and building the set.
A hearty thank you to both from Conny Mater and all the learners of grade 8.