Vocational Training

School is like a living organism. Ideally it is a place where diverse educational processes form a unity, and where the nurturing of individuality is the central focus. Our approach to education thus concentrates on the whole person, and consequently is concerned not only with academic knowledge, but also with the development of artistic abilities, individual creativity, social responsibility and practical skills.

Since 2010 our vision of a fully integrated technical education and training programme has been evolving. Since the completion of the workshops we have been working, in partnership with the NTA and the NQA, on the process of designing project-based curriculum which will lead to national certification in key areas of Namibia’s expanding economy: hospitality & tourism, construction, agriculture, and business administration.

With this in place the Waldorf School Windhoek will be in a position to offer a comprehensive practical/artistic/academic curriculum which will allow each individual student to move successfully throughout the education process, exploring and developing their own unique talents and evolving capacities. As well as offering further opportunities for personal development, vocational education skills based on national standards set by industry will improve students’ chances on a job market that is urgently seeking well trained young people.