Vocational Training: SchoolMeetsBusiness

Hospitality/Food and Beverages
A fully equipped kitchen with 12 workstations is able to accommodate 24 learners. The training is offered up to NTA level 2. The basic training for Grades 9 and 10 is of a practical nature, incorporating the produce from the school’s garden. Cooperation Partner: Wolwedans foundation (NICE)

Electrical Installation/Solar Energy
The electrical workshop has six fully equipped workstations able to accommodate 12 learners. The training is offered up to NTA level 3. The course includes the study of electrical circuits, direct and alternating current, wiring of plugs, household devices and electric motors. Designing, handling and mounting of solar pannels and equipment.

A shaded area /greenhouse of 500m2 can accommodate 12 learners. They learn about water usage, handling tools and taking care of the environment whilst working on a garden producing food. Designing, building and looking after flower and vegetable beds, the school grounds and around houses is part of the training.

Laptops are available for 12 learners. They are instructed in the basics of word-processing (letter writing), spreadsheet (business plan development) and all other tools necessary in today’s business environment. Additionally: projecting and leading to central items of trained retail salesmen and assistant of wholesales.

Working individually or in groups the work is project oriented, trying to find a balance between carrying out clearly defined tasks and testing your own abilities. Contracts from outside firms are worked on whenever possible in order to give the work more authenticity. The learners experience the results of their activities on their physical and human environment.

Educational Partnerships

The Waldorf School Windhoek has local and international education partners in the area of vocational education. Local partner is the Namibian Institute of Culinary Education (NICE), the well known restaurant in the heart of Windhoek. Nice has run a training kitchen on the WSW campus since 2017 and cooks lunch for 50 students and teachers.

Since 2015, the city of Schwäbisch Hall has been supporting the WSW on many levels:

  • Grants for construction and equipment in the field of vocational training
  • Placement of internships in Schwäbisch-Haller Companies
  • Placement of training in Schwäbisch-Haller Companies
  • Educational sponsorships for disadvantaged students

The implementation is made possible by Förderverein Waldorf School Windhoek und namibischer Partnerschaften e.V.
Since 2016, there has been an educational exchange with the Robert Wetzlar Vocational Training College (RWB) of the city of Bonn as part of a UNESCO school partnership:

  • Sending interns to the WSW in the field of hostel and afternoon care (Health & Social)
  • Placement of internships in the hospitality and tourism sector in Germany

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