The idea behind the hostel is that it should be a stimulating, familiar place for the children of the Waldorf School Windhoek to live. A place which encourages creativity and fosters a feeling of communal responsibility which can then permeate the school community at large. Twenty six children ranging in age from grade 1 to grade 13 live in the hostel. They represent widely differing cultural, linguistic and socioeconomic back-grounds. Coming to terms with these differences is a valuable part of their daily experience.

The art of living involves the observance of rituals, good inter-personal communication, and respect for others and for nature. Such social skills need practise, and the hostel provides a perfect testing ground for them. All these various processes, such as the celebration of festivals, occur in rhythmical phases, just as they do in a living organism. The creativity and sense of responsibility it takes to make life in the hostel run smoothly provides a model of the kind of social co-operation needed everywhere.