High School

Independent work, discussion and individual research are the main features of learning in the high school, and nurturing the skills associated with them is a high priority. Project and portfolio work promote not only independence of mind and self-confidence, but also team spirit, and evoke interest in the world at large. While the subjects are taught by specialist teachers, the students do not specialise.

Language Teaching
The change in medium of teaching from German to English makes it easier for students from other schools to be taken into the high school (grade 8). Being taught in an English-speaking milieu with German or Afrikaans as one‘s first or second language helps to meet the demands of Namibia and South Africa.

Artistic and practical Activities
Our curriculum is broad and caters for the academic and the artistic/practical in equal measure. All students have the opportunity not only to develop their mental capacities in maths, science, languages and literature, but also to develop their practical and artistic skills in music, drama, eurythmy, dress-making, metal and woodwork, painting and drawing. Drama plays a central role. In grades 8 and 12 a major part of the year’s work is the preparation and public performance of a full-length play.

Each class in the high school offers a variety of projects, excursions and practicals. Grade 8 and 12 students choose an individual project, which they work on throughout the year and finally present before the school community. Classes also go on camp for the purpose of project-related practicals, for instance, in ecology/forestry and land surveying. A practical in social work is also part of the curriculum.