The Namibian Context

The Waldorf education philosophy and approach aligns itself naturally with the Namibian National Development Goals as set out in Vision 2030, culminating in the over-arching goal of “a prosperous and industrialized Namibia developed by her human resources, enjoying peace, harmony and political stability”.

Working in partnership with the Ministry of Education, the Waldorf School Windhoek assists the Namibian Government in achieving its goal of quality and relevant “Education for All”.

A school policy of non-selection and the provision of subsidies for children unable to pay full school fees, allows Waldorf School Windhoek to be the school of choice for all Namibian children. A school where they will be afforded opportunities to achieve their full potential: emotionally, physically, spiritually and cognitively.

The school also contributes to national economic growth by providing opportunities for high quality and market responsive vocational education and training to all its students.

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