Review 2000-2011

The Waldorf School Windhoek was founded when a group of parents wanting a different form of education for their children in a newly independent Namibia, collaborated with teachers from Namibia and Waldorf trained teachers from Germany. An independent school, embracing all children from Namibia‘s diverse cultural, socio/economic backgrounds emerged from this, cooperative working group.

The successful uptake of places at the school meant they had to seek out larger premises. A generous donation from the Software AG Foundation made the need of buying a piece of land a reality.

The Gramm family provided the school with the opportunity to acquire their 2.4 hectare farm on the outskirts of Windhoek in the form of a life annuity.

Following the purchase of the school property and the laying of the foundation stones for the first two classrooms, the concerted effort of parents, teachers and children allowed the classrooms to be utilised at the end of this same year.

The school community grew to ninety six children, who in the course of the year customised the school buildings so as to claim true ownership of the school.

Through further donations, four new classrooms and other buildings saw the light of day. The school hostel was renovated and improved. Three staff houses were built using clay building methods. The German energy agency DENA and Sunset-Conserv from Namibia installed a solar energy system, as a gift to provide 14 kw of electricity plus warm water for the school hostel.

The new school buildings were officially opened in the presence of the German Ambassador, Dr Massing, and Windhoek’s Mayor, Mathheus Shikongo. The board of trustees were inaugurated by the school’s patrons, Ilse Lang, Dr. Konrad Schily and Dr. Hans-Hermann Leimbach.

The hostel was extended to accommodate the growing demand for boarding. Some store-rooms were converted into offices and classrooms. Three containers were fitted out for the teaching of metalwork. During the dry season the third clay-house was built. The Board of Trustees, Mr. Zergiebel and the Software AG Foundation financed the new science building. The chemistry and physics lab was kitted out with a donation from Namdeb, the state diamond company.

Approval was given for the building component of The BMZ project to commence.

Our very first school-leavers were sent off into the world with NSSC certificates under their belts. After two years of planning, building work began on the first phase of the BMZ project. Two buildings of over 700 qm in total were built to house the integrated vocational training activities. This project was supported by three partners:

1. The German Ministry for Economic Co-operation and the German Embassy in Namibia.
2. Friends of Waldorf Education Rudolf Steiner e.V. (the main German carrier of the project)
3. The German Board of Trustees of the Waldorf School Windhoek

With the new workshops completed, the innovative and unique integrated vocational training program was launched to secondary school students.

Opening of the pre-primary grade O and a new Hostel-Extension. Dr. Abraham Iyambo, Minister of Education, visited our school.